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I just started working for Uber. I’m surprised there is not an easy way to tip. I have received three tips so far out of 75 trips. Each person gave me five dollars. It was much appreciated. Many people have asked me “How do I give you a tip on Uber?” I did a little research and I found out it’s very difficult for people to give me a cashless tip. There is no way in the Uber App to give a tip. I decided to make it easier for people to give me a tip and instead of making $15 a week in tips … I’ll make $30 or $40 or $50.

I created a website just for my Uber driving hours. The website is called UberDriver123.com

I would like to make a website for you or show you how easy it is to make your own Uber Driving Tips website  by following these simple steps.

Step 1 – Pick a domain name that is easy to remember.

I think I did a pretty good job with this website name. it took me about an hour to figure it out. I have a couple of tools that help me pick a website name that Uber Riders will remember. One of the best tools is instantdomainsearch.com.

Step 2 – Buy the domain, email and hosting package.

I used GoDaddy’s $0.99 coupon for the name. You have to pay extra for the email and web server hosting space.

Step 3 – Steal my design

This is a simple six page WordPress website.

I created a PayPal button for desktop tips.

I created a PayPal button for mobile tips.

I created a static page for the main desktop page.

I created a static page for the main mobile page

I created a “success” page for successful tips

I created a “have a great day” page if they decide mid-payment not to give me a tip.

I created a affiliate category and 1st post to recruit new drivers.

I created a redirect to my Uber affiliate page to recruit new drivers.

Step 4 – Buy pipe cleaners. This cost me $1.90 at Michaels for 100.

Step 5 – Create disposal luggage tags with your  Uber tip page and punch holes in them. This cost me $0.71 at Office Depot for 100 tags.Uber Cashless Tips

Step 6 – Put the tags in the trunk and wait for new Uber clients. Take their bags and place them in the trunk. Quickly add one of your tags to the handle before you close the trunk.


Hopefully Uber Riders will respond to your Uber Tips website and you can start processing cashless tips.

Let me create your Uber Tips website for $5 per month.

Here is my great offer

  • You will get all six pages.
  • I will pay the GoDaddy fees (name, email and hosting package)
  • You will get access to that crazy Office Depot coupon. Hint – My back to school shopping bill was $35 for two kids
  • I will help you create your PayPal buttons
  • You can cancel anytime 
  • You will have access to change anything on the website 
  • 2 email addresses from your new domain 
  • Money back guarantee …. if you don’t generate $10 in tips in one month I will refund you the $5 monthly Uber Tips website fee. This guarantee is for the first 12 months!!

Want the same website for $1 per month for up to 5 months?!?!

Leave a comment on my video … that’s it

The first 100 people to leave a comment will get an Uber Tips website for $1 per month for at least 1 month.

As soon as the video hits 500,000 views these people will get their website

  • 5 months at $1 – 500,000 views by 1/1/17
  • 4 months at $1 – 500,000 views by 2/1/17
  • 3 months at $1 – 500,000 views by 3/1/17
  • 1 month at $1 – after video hits 500,000 views

What happens if I leave the 101st comment?

  1. Your definitely on the waiting list
  2. If this video crushes it, I will have to be generous, so leave a comment!!!
  3. I really want to give away hundreds websites at $1. If you refer a paying client to me and leave a comment I will definitely hook you up

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